Testing for AAT Deficiency

If you or a Relative have AAT Deficiency

If you've been told you have AAT Deficiency and want more complete testing, or if you have a relative with AAT Deficiency, the U.S. Center for AIR will test you for the deficiency in complete confidence and without cost to you. This testing will include measuring the concentration of AAT in your blood, determining the type of AAT in your blood, and (where appropriate) determining your AAT genotype by testing the DNA in your blood.

If you wish to be tested by the US Center for AIR, as part of our research program, the steps are outlined below:

  • Contact us by mail, phone, or E-mail (see below), or provide us with your contact information through our secure server (see "Contact Me").
  • We will send you a blood testing kit. Since this will be a research test for AIR, you will read and sign an Informed Consent document prior to testing.
  • Only a few drops of blood are required, and you can obtain the blood yourself or with the help of a relative or friend.
  • Send us the sample of your blood. We will send your blood, identified only by a number, to the AAT Deficiency Detection Center for testing. When the testing has been completed, we will report the results directly to you.

If your testing indicates that you are eligible for AIR, we will welcome your participation. However, you will be under no obligation to do so. If you do decide to participate in AIR, you may withdraw at any time.

If You've have not been Tested and do not have a Relative with AAT Deficiency

If you have not been tested for AAT deficiency and do not have a relative with AAT deficiency (and thus do not meet the criteria above), it is still easy to have your blood tested for the deficiency. You can send your own blood for testing, or you can have your doctor draw your blood and send it for testing. State-of-the-art, full-spectrum testing (AlphaTest) is available through the AAT Deficiency Detection Center.

You may contact us at:
Alpha One International Registry
1060 E. 100 South, Suite 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Phone: (800) 525-7630
E-mail: mail@aatregistry.org
E-mail (Principal Investigator): edwardc@aatregistry.org